Strategic & Financial Consulting

In today’s highly volatile market environment, an entrepreneur or a business leader is required to constantly evaluate the alternatives and make key strategic decisions. Some typical, but often under-examined questions include:

  • How can I improve and grow my current business?
  • What are the new growth opportunities? Which opportunity should I focus on?
  • How do I maximize the shareholder value?

Eos helps its clients find answers to these questions in a holistic way that fully integrates a company’s business strategy, financial policies, and investor goals. Eos provides its clients with a framework for making key strategic decisions.

  • Business Planning
    Analysis of the current industry landscape, existing and potential competition and relevant business models of major comparable players; analysis of the current business model including identification of the core competencies and suggesting areas of improvement; and preparation of the optimal expansion strategy backed up by a granular financial plan

  • Feasibility study and/or Entry strategy for New products/markets
    Analysis of the opportunity, its size and scope; analysis of the key competencies required and mapping the requirements to organization’s capabilities; and preparation of a detailed execution plan including a risk-mitigation plan

  • Financial Planning
    Intensive analysis of financial performance across growth, performance, asset utilization, operating leverage, financial leverage and return on capital metrics and benchmarking the same with the relevant peer set; detailed forecasting of future financials reflecting the organization’s plan, its likely effect on performance and the associated capital requirements; advice on optimal capital structure to maximize shareholder returns; and recommendation on ways to optimize capital efficiency

We engage with our clients for a committed period of time and enable them to plan and reach the next orbit of growth. While such strategic exercises often help companies to see a holistic view of their journey so far and the road ahead, they also act as key enablers for a subsequent financial market transaction (capital syndication, business combinations and alliances, etc.)