According to Greek mythology, Eos is the winged Goddess of dawn. Eos opened the gates of Heaven so that Helios, her brother, could ride his chariot across the sky every day. In the life cycle of businesses, a professional advisory firm can help them reach new horizons, which is akin to opening the doors of Heaven for them.

Eos is a New Delhi headquartered Indian boutique investment bank, engaged in ensuring continuous availability of meritocratic capital to Indian corporates and deserving entrepreneurs– a one-stop solution provider for businesses’ capital needs.

As a firm, we focus on creating value for our clients across Infrastructure (Roads, Power, Energy, Logistics, Portsand Urban Infrastructure), Real Estate (Affordable Housing), Consumer (Food, Food Processing & Agribusiness, Consumer Goods & Services, Retail, Specialty Healthcare and Education) and Technology sectors.

Our corporate finance offering encompasses Private Equity syndication, Debt syndication, M&A/ Strategic Alliance advisory and Restructuring advisory. Through our Consulting platform, we offer Strategic & Financial advisory and Invest-India services to our clients. Our rich and diverse experience in capital markets as well as the strong institutional investor relationships help clients meet their financing and growth objectives.

Key Strengths
  •   Entrepreneurial mindset
  •   Industry expertise
  •   Established local and global partnerships
  •   Research backed advice
  •   Nimble and resourceful approach
  •   Unparalleled client service


Our Team

Our team comprises seasoned operating and financial executives who, having worked in their past engagements with reputed organisations, bring with them decades of collective experience and in-depth domain understanding. This helps us to provide our customers with actionable client-centric solutions that in turn assist them in meeting their strategic objectives.