Investor Relations

Investor Relations (IR) can be termed as the ‘Art and Science’ of financial communication.IR acts as a bridge between a company’s management and its stakeholders.

Ever since the financial crisis, trust and confidence in businesses are at the lowest level and organisations are being closely scrutinized. In such a situation, right communication is helping sound companies differentiate from the rest, thus making Investor Relations imperative for all organisations. A comprehensive Investor Relations program helps to:

  • Achieve fair valuation rather than the best valuation
  • Position company optimally to maximise value for all stakeholders
  • Build and maintain an effective database of current and potential stakeholders
  • Develop and maintain a formal ‘Corporate Disclosure Policy’ for dissemination of accurate and timely price sensitive information, compliant with all regulatory requirements
  • Manage financial community expectations relative to the company’s performance and prospects
  • Build and maintain cordial relationship with all stakeholders
  • Gain investors’ trust and build confidence

At Eos, we partner with clients in defining effective communication channels between companies, investors, analysts and ratings agencies in order to create sustainable shareholder value, through market environments. In addition, we pro-actively build and maintain their reputation within the Capital Markets and the financial media. Our unique proposition entails:

  • Customized and targeted approach to IR – depending on company’s current and future requirements
  • Providing complete end-to-end solutions in IR, irrespective of size or sector
  • Excellent relationship with the investing community (both buy side and sell side)
  • Dedicated and disciplined approach to being aligned to and compliant with all regulatory requirements and good corporate governance practices

Eos’ forte lies in positioning your opportunity, improvingyour transparency and increasingmarket accessibility.