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The market for selling companies is dynamic, segmented and frequently inefficient. Selling companies effectively is a complex process that requires judgment, experience, market knowledge, scale and focus in order to achieve the optimal outcome.

We assist our clients in maximizing shareholder value. We believe that our thoughtful attention, rich network of relationships, and global reach of our partnerships, offers our clients the best opportunity to achieve their transaction goals.

Eos' process for a successful sale includes the following:

  • Determine the Seller's Objectives and key transaction issues
  • Analyse the motives of prospective investor (strategic/ financial) for acquiring the business
  • Develop the acquisition rationale for each investor/ investor group
  • Design and Execute a customized sales process
  • Achieve optimal results

Sell-side transactions come with a host of soft issues: cultural fit between seller & buyer, transition of business and meeting the entrepreneur's personal aspirations being a few of them. With a relationship-oriented approach that goes hand-in-hand with our technical rigour in transaction execution, we have consistently delivered optimal and workable solutions to our clients in all respects.

Our seller services focus on serving financial sponsors, independent business owners, small-cap public companies and larger companies divesting business units. We have deep experience working with companies of each type.

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